Hope Diamond Deans

Harmonizing your soul with every note. Experience the music with me.

About Hope Diamond

Embark on a musical odyssey with the incomparable Hope Diamond! With over three decades in the limelight, she’s not just an artist; she’s a living legend. From her gospel roots in Los Angeles to the R&B vibes of Shreveport and the jazzy corridors of college, Hope’s journey is a tapestry of musical influences.

Her forties marked a triumphant return to the stage, forming a trio, winning Desert’s Got Talent, and dropping the popular Christmas CD “Presence” in Atlanta. The pandemic couldn’t stifle her creativity; instead, it sparked “Awaken,” an R&B and jazz marvel that soared to #23 on the Jazzweek charts in 2022.

Hope’s performances are a journey through musical landscapes – from European cruises to the Panama Jazz Festival. Her versatility shines, effortlessly moving from Sinatra’s charm to the soulful notes of contemporary hits.

Joining forces with Paul McDonald’s big band in Palm Desert, Hope seamlessly glides through genres, adding her unique flair to classics and contemporary tunes alike. “Awaken” is a symphony of emotions, featuring memorable songs like “Trouble Man,” “Speak Low,” “Never Can Say Goodbye,” and “What’s Going On.”

Sold-out shows post-“Awaken” are a testament to Hope Diamond’s magnetic stage presence. She envisions a future filled with collaborative magic, continuing to craft original masterpieces that resonate globally. The story of Hope Diamond is not just a journey; it’s an ongoing musical saga, and the adventure unfolds with each note she shares.