The Hope Diamond NuSoul Orchestra conducted by Big Band director/arranger Paul McDonald


Contemporary jazz and RnB artist and contralto vocalist Hope Diamond

and Musical Big Band director Paul McDonald have collaborated to create the best in the big sound with the “Hope Diamond NuSoul Orchestra;” an exciting new project launched in 2020 and to begin performing to audiences across the jazz and pop societies who love the big sound and jazz classics with a soulful flair.

The orchestra presents a unique blend of big band jazz, blues, soul and Motown with a combination of original and explosive arrangements created by longtime Los Angeles arranger Paul McDonald and sung by Palm Springs jazz artist, the outstanding jazzy Ms. Diamond with her classy look, rich vocals and versatile genre appeal. Together they will ignite the stage with their presence and 20 other musicians and soulful back ground vocals along with other special guest performers appearing with her. The combination of a big band and string section creates a chic and sophisticated show to enhance any occasion.

Vocalist Hope Diamond is uniquely qualified to lead the performance as she is quite electrifying to see and hear. Her decades-long experience of performing all over the world gives her vast musical knowledge and how to deliver the voice with the big band sound. The stage gives her the vehicle to present some of the most cherished music in American popular music history from its origins in the blues to the Broadway stage, the classic big bands and the electrifying Motown era.

Musical Director Paul McDonald brings his vast knowledge and experience to create and arrange the music for this exclusive presentation. From his experience in England with the BBC Big Band and Radio Orchestra, to the Palm Desert Symphony Orchestra, Holland America Cruise Lines, Star Cruise Lines in Singapore, and Capitol Studios as well as directing his own Big Band the “Paul McDonald Big Band and Orchestra” in Los Angeles for the last 20 years. Paul writes unique and thrilling arrangements which are specially created to fully showcase both the unique voice of Hope Diamond and also the exceptional musicians in the orchestra who are some of the top session and studio musicians. Truly a spectacular event awaits you with this wonderful timeless moment in music with “The Hope Diamond NuSoul Orchestra!” coming this spring 2021.